1983 in Taiwan Pingtung City Jin spring knitting Limited by Share Ltd was founded, the size of the number of only 60 people, the main business is exported to Japan sweaters, by mechanical production.
  In 1991 the need of customer contacts and information absorption, in Taiwan (Taipei) to set up a great Limited by Share Ltd (trading company). In response to the changes of the trend of society, after a detailed evaluation, Chaoshan area Chinese largest embroidery hook and production of the township, has the most exquisite handmade staff add fashion design elements and knitted products can create better, so will the Taiwan in Guangdong, Jieyang City, the relocation of factories to set up a more Wei Knitting Co. Ltd., the number of employees 300 people engaged in manual embroidery and hand crocheted sweaters, mainly exported to japan.
  In 1994 in Guangdong County of Jiedong province new owned plant covers an area of 52 acres, and along the Pingtung in Taiwan was founded in 1983 for the "Jin Chun knitting Limited company" in the name of the expansion of production. In order to meet the needs of production, the number of employees reached more than 1000 people.
  Established in 1997, the Ministry of clothing, specializing in the production of export Japanese clothing, the annual output of about 3000000 pieces.
1999 due to the need to contact the customer service, the establishment of the Shantou business in Taipei city. Expanding business scope, convenient business connection.
  2004 in order to further the production of high quality, high quality products, so in Shantou, China set up the company in Guangdong City, the development and design staff 46, the number of employees more than 100. In addition to woven fabrics with sweaters combined into specially produced new technology. As the industry leader.
  2005 in order to strengthen the design ability of the design and development of the design and development of the Taipei Taiwan, 58 people in the clothing design and development.
  In 2010 the Taipei company is renamed Limited by Share Ltd Chinese Wei Wei Yue Limited by Share Ltd. The company has been adhering to the 29 years of high quality and high demand of the knitting industry. To improve the equipment and facility management strict, can after all these years of social change, in large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises and can lead the evening standing, the company due to sound financial management. Workers carry out their duties, and improve the system of the company. Production, Taipei, Shantou, the production of its own factory.
  The main products are: cashmere / wool sweater, cashmere sweater, cotton shirt, cotton shirt, chemical fiber, etc..
  The supply of raw materials from Italy, Taiwan, mainland and other places. With professional technology and management combined with the local big pang technology base, the production of high quality embroidery knitting sweater. A needle with 14G, 12G, 10G, 9G, 7G, 6.5G, 3.5G, 1.5G and needle hand hook exquisite handwoven sweater, also unique (knitted fabrics with process) approach, unique in the sweater industry.
  In order to better combine the many changes of knitted products, in 2005 began to invest in funds to buy, the Japanese island of precision automaton equipment to strengthen the ability of design and development. Fully own orders, their own production, and therefore can have a more reasonable price and high quality assurance. Both the mainland and Taiwan are provided with the Department of exhibition, welcome to visit and negotiate business.
  We will continue to improve the infrastructure, high-quality customer service, rich product design, advanced management technology, zero defective product quality, provide personal enthusiasm and thoughtful service for the customers, warmly welcome domestic and foreign businessmen came to the exchange, guidance, to create a better tomorrow in garment industry.